Autoloading Facebook's PHP Classes

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Being the lead developer of ShareSong has given me a chance to become fairly familiar with Facebook's PHP client library. From the moment I began using the library I had one major complaint: cludgy integration.

We use an autoloader within our PHP frameworks to instantiate objects without manually requiring every class file. As such, I can include my conf.php and create a new Facebook(FB_APIKEY, FB_SECRET); and php can magically figure out that class is within a file called Facebook.php within a specified lib directory. Well, the Facebook platform's client library bundles several (albeit-related) classes into one file, they do not follow our mechanism of ProudCamels for classes, and otherwise make things messy.

Well, being me I decided to "fix" it. So, here it is. Extract it, pop it into your app's library directory and viola! A library client that autoloads and is, beyond some case changes to class-names and restructuring, a completely Facebook-authored PHP client!

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