Sound Blaster Audigy LS and Linux

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I am a Gentoo user and, as such, have had some troubles in the past getting my sound cards to work with 5.1 sound. However those days have come to a close!

Configure/make/install a kernel and configure alsa in accordance with the Gentoo Linux ALSA Guide. Configuration is fairly simple and mostly follows standard kernel build procedures; don't forget to update your modules. Reboot into this new kernel. At this point, Audacious was throwing an error upon startup. After multiple, unsuccessful attempts at fixing this problem, I gave up; sound was working and software volume is what I desired anyway. A few days later, I revisited the issue and tried to load the sound driver for the Audigy LS (ca0106 chipset)

modprobe snd-ca0106

With all mixer devices properly configured, I moved on to 5.1 sound. This has been excruciatingly painful in the past. However, Gentoo proves worthwhile again (at least in documentation ;) with their Linux Surround Sound Howto. I also found the information in this surround sound reference valuable. Adding the proper bits of code listed in the Gentoo howto to my .asoundrc, I now have 5.1 sound in Linux. woot!

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